Paulo Freire Pedagogy Of The Oppressed Bibliography For Websites

Presuppositions-a critique; the problem-posing concept of education as an

Instrument for liberation-its presuppositions; the "banking" concept and

The teacher-student contradiction; the problem-posing concept and the

Supersedence of the teacher-student contradiction; education: a mutual

Process, world-mediated; people as uncompleted beings, conscious of their

Incompletion, and their attempt to be more fully human.

Dialogics -the essence of education as the practice of freedom; dialogics

And dialogue; dialogue and the search for program content; the human-world

Relationship, "generative themes," and the program content of education as

The practice of freedom; the investigation of "generative themes" and its

Methodology; the awakening of critical consciousness through the

Investigation of "generative themes"; the various stages of the

Antidialogics and dialogics as matrices of opposing theories of cultural

Action: the former as an instrument of oppression and the latter as an

Instrument of liberation; the theory of antidialogical action and its

Characteristics: conquest, divide and rule, manipulation, and cultural

Invasion; the theory of dialogical action and its characteristics:

Cooperation, unity, organization, and cultural synthesis.

"This is truly revolutionary pedagogy."--Ivan Illich "An inspiring and inspired document arising out of concrete experience with peasants, urban laborers, and middle class converts to freedom. . . . This book will prompt the reader to reconsider his or her situation in an oppressive society." Christian Century "Wherever education is explicitly involved in struggles for equity and justice, Freire's ideas and his books, especially Pedagogy of the Oppressed, will live on." Herbert Kohl in The Nation "[Paulo Freire] radiates the kind of immediateness that only a philosopher engulfed by terrible reality can project." America "Pedagogy of the Oppressed meets the single criterion of a 'classic': it has outlived his own time and its author's. For any teacher who links education to social change, this is required reading. Freire remains the most important writer on popular education and surely the virtual founder of the perspective known as Critical Pedagogy." Stanley Aronowitz "This is truly revolutionary pedagogy." Ivan Illich "Brilliant methodology of a highly charged and politically provocative character." Jonathan KozolRead more...

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