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The previous posts all correctly point out that English is the lingua franca today, but I don't see where they have addressed how the history of the English language has lead it to become the lingua franca. I'll try my hand at this, but I don't have my usual resources on hand, so I'll have to work from memory. (I recommend the book The Story of English, based on the TV series in the link below. For a more exhaustive linguistic approach, see for example, the outer history section of the textbook by C.M. Millward.)

English was a relatively unimportant language (or, more precisely, a set of dialects) around 450 AD, when a set of Germanic tribes (mostly the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes) moved from their homelands in what is now northern Germany and Denmark to what is now England. Old English was widely spoken on the island in the centuries that followed, lost status when the French-speaking Normans conquered England, and slowly regained status in the late Middle English period. At this point, still, English was just one of many languages. It was generally less respected than Latin among scientists and theologians, for example.

It was not until the period of Early Modern English, a period also known as the Age of Discovery (c. 1500-1800 AD) that English really began to gain status. England began to establish colonies around the world and exported its language and governing systems so that it could import what it wanted, e.g. spices and rare woods and, for a while, slaves. The Early Modern English period witnessed the first time that English was spoken around the world, but still it was not nearly as widely distributed as it is today.

Today English is widely taught around the world as a second language. (The number of native speakers of English is not very large at all, compared to Spanish or Chinese, it's worth noting.) The emergence of the United States as a global power after WWII (incl. the strong economy and the enduring military presence of American soldiers in many countries around the world) took the globalization of English one step further. Still, British English is still widely taught as the prestige form in classrooms around the world.

There's a lot more to say, of course. If you ask for more (e.g. by 'message'), I'll gladly do what I can to help.

The Importance Of English Language Essay

As we know it we are living in the world of globalization. And the English language is a common language and is spoken in many countries.
The English language is a West germanic Language that came up in the Anglo- Saxon kingdoms of England. The english language has been widely disperesed around the world and has become the leading language Internationally. English in many developed countries are being used as the official language; for example it is used as the official language in European Union and in many commonwealth countries as well as many world organisations. It is also the third most natively spoken language in the world, after manderin chinese and spanish.
Modern English is the most dominant and is required for communications, sciences, information technology, businesses, aviation, entertainment, radio, architecture, engineering and diplomacy. A working knowledge of english has become a requirement in a number of fields, occupations and professions.
The field of Interior Design would be by definition to turn a space into an effective setting or arrangement for human activity to take place. Interior designers also execute one’s design ideas or concepts by constructing it into reality. A designers design process begins by the consultation of the client, and therefore translating the clients wants and needs to an actual design.
Interior Designers play more emphasis on spcial planning and construction, function of the design and the effective use of the space. The designer also looks at the finer details such as lighting, materials being used, accoustics, tempreture and mostly the function of the design being used.
Interior Design is also a discipline that looks after designing all of the interior spaces, this could include things like flooring, furniture, windows, doors and walls.
The main goal in all forms of design would be to create a space that is comfortable and easthetically pleasing and to meet the specific needs of the consumer or client. And this could only be achieved by communicating with the client and understanding the clients needs and wants.
Most designers chose a speciality to focus on and then allow them to be more diverse and to improve their skills further. The space that is required to construct new structures are decreasing; for example in Singapore, which is a very small island, and has limited land and spcae to construct, therefore there is a bigger demand for Interior Designers than the demand for Architects. This would be the importance of an Interior Designer.
The main goals of an interior designer would be to analyse the clients goals, needs and life as well as the safety requirements. The Interior Designer also formulates preliminary design concepts that would be deemed appropriate , functional and aesthetic. As well as preparing and administering bids and contracting documents for the client.
The fluency of the english language is very important as it aids you to communicate your...

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