Art In Oceania A New History Review Essay

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Published semiannually by the University of Chicago Press on behalf of the Bard Graduate Center (BGC) in New York City, West 86th reaffirms the BGC"s commitment to expanding the conversation regarding the content, meaning, and significance of objects. The journal focuses on scholarship in material culture, design history, and the decorative arts. West 86th is available in print and online and includes scholarly articles, review articles, primary source translations, critical book, catalog, and exhibition reviews, research inquiries, letters to the editor, and supplementary digital material integral to articles. Articles are subject to double-blind peer assessment. The journal welcomes submissions from scholars worldwide.

Coverage: 2011-2015 (Vol. 18, No. 1 - Vol. 22, No. 1)

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ISSN: 21535531

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Subjects: Art & Art History, Arts

Collections: Arts & Sciences XI Collection

"Ambitious and brilliantly successful. The collaborative scope is unprecedented. Each chapter is a revelatory essay, filled with astonishing images and evocative quotations, grounded in the latest critical scholarship. This volume sets a new standard for the cultural history of a complex, dynamic region."--James Clifford, Distinguished Professor in the Humanities, University of California, Santa Cruz

(James Clifford 2012-09-18)

" A brilliant and highly original achievement. Nuanced, multi-disciplinary, and fully collaborative in authorship and spirit. Incorporating both the most recent scholarly research and contemporary art forms, this book will undoubtedly stand as the definitive introduction and reference work on the rich and diverse arts of Pacific peoples for many years to come."--Ruth B. Phillips, Canada Research Chair in Aboriginal Art and Culture and Professor of Art History, Carleton University

(Ruth B. Phillips 2012-09-18)

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