Essay On Increasing Crimes Among Youth In India

...Increase Of crimes and suicides in the youth “Look famous. Be legendary. Live like a rebel. Appear complex. Act easy. Radiate presence. Travel the world. Dream a dream. Prove reality.” This is a very befitting way to portray what most refer to the wonder years, their teenage years. The age of many first’s- first days, first dates, first cars, first relationships first loves, first losses, and for some first heart breaks. This is also a time of the first of many experiences, some good, some bad, some regular, some downright bizarre, some of them even eye openers. Years that make you laugh, make you cry, but most of all make you learn to live, love and fight for what you want and deserve.  Life explodes into a cosmos of complications. You're suddenly allowed to do this, but not that. People expect you to take on a more adult role, yet still treat you as a child.   You’re craving for acceptance, your desire to fit in and confirm to teen societal standards, yet stand out and be different. A teen can be simply phrased as a complex. paradox. Teens deserve respect… Allow them to break free and witness them as they soar to greater heights of triumph. The ones who shoulder the responsibility of the future of our world, and yet this is the smarter, braver and more inspired generation is leading us onward to a better, brighter and more advanced future Reality: JUVENILL E DELINQUENCY AND INCREASING SUICIDE AMONG...


offender. Some sex crimes include:rape,sexual abuse,sexual batteryandprostitution.

Drug Crimes

Certain substances are controlled by the government, including narcotics andprescription drugs. A defendant may therefore face criminal charges for theunlawfulpossession,sale / distribution,trafficking,manufacturingorcultivationof such substances as heroin, marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy,methamphetamines, or prescription drugs.

Violent Crimes

When a person is accused of committing a crime against another person,causing or attempting to cause them bodily harm, this may be considered aviolent crime. Some specific types of violent crimesinclude:murder,manslaughter,assault,batteryanddomestic violence.

White Collar Crimes

Crimes that involve financial transactions, politicians and businessmen andwomen may be considered white collar crimes. These are typically non-violenttheft crimes, such asfraud,embezzlementandtax evasion.

Theft Crimes

Unlawfully taking another's property, whether by force, deception or byclandestine means, may be considered a theft crime. The penalties for these willvary depending on the manner in which the alleged offense was committed, aswell as the amount of property involved. Some examples of theft crimesinclude:grand theft auto,burglaryandrobbery.

Federal Crimes

Certain acts are prohibited by federal law. These and crimes committed againstthe federal government or on federal property may be considered federal crimes.Some examples include:bank fraud,wire fraud,mail fraudandkidnapping.Because federal agencies and prosecutors typically have more resources thanthose on a local or state level, and due to the extremely harsh penalties that maybe imposed for these offenses, it is important to work with a lawyer who canhandle cases in federal court.

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