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What is your ideal man? I never know how to answer questions like this one, so I usually just say something along the lines of,
"My ideal man is someone who wants a committment," now, that may not sound like a bad thing-- actually,
I believe every woman wants that-- but for a question like this, it needs depth; it needs detail, which is something I am not very good at doing-- I'll still try.
My ideal man reads novels, not those ragged Playboy, and Penthouse magazines but real books like, "The Stranger" by Albert Camus,
"Lolita" by Vladimir Nabokov, or J.D Salinger's classic read, "The Catcher in the Rye." He enjoys having long conversations, and watching film noir movies with me, he even enjoys those idiotic, nonsense films…show more content…

When I'm sick he comes right over and makes me feel better, even if it means him getting sick; he's willing to meet my mom and sister and accepts them both. He has a career, and life goals. He wants to get married, and start a family. He doesn't pressure me into sex because he knows that I'm a virgin, and he accepts that + knows I want to wait for the right person (Even though he already knows he's the right one). He cooks for me; he buys me flowers for no reason, he says "I love you, " just because, he cherishes our relationship. He kisses me in the pouring rain, because he knows that I am a big hopeless romantic. He watches chick flicks with me, even though I hate chick flicks. He stays in bed with me because I'm too lazy to do anything. He takes bubble baths with me after work, he kisses me in the morning despite me having bad morning breath, he likes going to the zoo and fat kittens. He loves my lame, dry sense of humor. He enjoys my company. When I'm mad he leaves and comes back with a lot of chocolate because he knows how much I love chocolate. He enjoys operas and weird, one-man plays, dancing to old records and looking through old photographs of the past. He accepts me and the girl that I am. He likes my body,he doesn't care how inexperienced I am. He like my jokes, and my cooking even though I'm not that good. He smiles when things are bad because he knows it'll make me feel better. He brings out my sexy side because he knows I am a bit of

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Everyone has some sort of list of qualities they like in a romantic partner, whether it’s just in your head or something you’ve actually written down. (Don’t act like that’s weird, okay?) It’s important to know what you’re looking for in a relationship! Everyone has certain needs, wants and standards, which is why some relationships work and some don’t. If you could create the perfect boyfriend or girlfriend, what would you put in the mix?

There was an old episode of Sabrina, The Teenage Witch where she created the perfect date for a dance. I think it was to make Harvey jealous. She threw a bunch of qualities into a cake mix or something and literally baked a perfect BF.

Anyway, what would you throw into the mix if you were to create your perfect boyfriend? Let’s see what y’all had to say:

FrogsandRain asked:
“What constitutes as the perfect boyfriend to you?”

taebadass said:
“Well, the perfect boyfriend for me will want to be with me forever. We will very comfortable with each other. We will understand each other. He will treat me like I’m his queen. We can communicate with each other and still have fun with each other, etc.”

thatrandomgirl said:
“Well, no one is perfect, and he would understand that, and love me not despite my imperfections, but because they make me who I am. He would just be there for me when I need him, respect my wishes and wants, but still push me out of my comfort zone when I need that.”

3Becca said:
“The perfect boyfriend would be someone who actually treats me like his girlfriend, someone who’s kind and caring and mature, realizes his mistakes, learns from them and avoids them in the future. He’s proud of me and doesn’t hide me from people, and he treats me like a princess/he’s a gentleman.”

datgymnast said:
“Someone who loves you for who you really are and wouldn’t want to change anything about you. (except for your last name.) And who will always be there for you so you would have someone to talk to.”

crushesinwv said:
“Simply put, the perfect boyfriend is someone that you are incredibly comfortable with and can see a future with.”

BrittanyKate said:
“Someone who is fun, loyal, sweet, someone who lets me do my own thing sometimes. He would be loving and caring, and an animal lover.”

happywazere said:
“I would like a boyfriend who will like me for who I am.”

While I definitely think everyone should know what they’re looking for in a significant other, I want to remind you to not get too caught up in your list. When you focus really closely on certain things, you might be overlooking other great qualities that someone has.

The person who you’re not willing to give a shot because they don’t check off every box on your list could be the person who will surprise you the most and end up being a great partner. And the person who does check off every box could surprise you and end up being someone who isn’t so great.

It’s good to have standards and qualities you admire, but ultimately, make sure you’re with someone who respects you, lets you be yourself and who you are comfortable around.
What do you think? What is your perfect boyfriend? Tell us in the comments!

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