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Nature is beautiful and God's gift

BY:Sreeni | Category:Others | Post Date: 2009-04-12

Nature is a wonderful and awesome creation of God. The beauty of nature mesmerizes every human being. That's why when you see a beautiful scenery or a greenery filed, mind just forgets all other thoughts, eyes never avoid looking at it and you will enjoy that pleasant nature to the maximum extent. Beautiful greenery of trees, extraordinary heights of mountains of ice and rocks, various cute colors & structures of flowers, growing agriculture forms, gardens, banks of rivers and oceans, panoramic views of beaches, amazing sunrise, sunset, moon light, fully covered fog, drifty clouds in the sky, various seasons, gestures and unique features of birds & animals and so on…which are incredible and can't explain in words.

Many of the poets admired and inspired by observing different sights of nature's beauty. Their experience, nice thoughts of nature and views of imagination came out of their minds in the form of words and made them to write fantastic poetries on the same. We must be noticing that while praising the physical appearance, personality or behavior of a person or a child, often compare with a suitable means of nature. That is the greatness of nature.

Nature is not only pleasant and beautiful in appearance; it is also a proven and fabulous doctor which gives natural medicine. Ayurvedic medicine treatment was ancient and the only methods of curing the diseases before allopathic and other pharmaceutics were invented. Still ayurvedic treatment has the same demand because of no side effects with the medicine and it is completely made up of natural resources.

People, who have newly married, family members, school & college teams, etc. often plan and spend their vacation by travelling to many such peaceful locations. We astonish watching such superb locations; enjoy that nature and amazing location over there. Several road transports, rail and air way transport companies providing tour packages for selected number of days with full accommodation at the location till the end of the travel plan. Nature is such pretty and peaceful that's why tourists as well increasing every year to enjoy that healthy atmosphere.

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Nature loving .. Do ayurvedic treatment reallywork
There was a show in Discovery Channel a while back which said that one has to be really careful in selecting the ayurvedic treatment provider, as there are several self proclaimed experts who are there just to make money. They also said that there are many true experts as well. Is there a society in India which gives degree to ayurvedic doctors? Does a genuine ayurvedic treatment really work? I am a nature lover and have always appreciated natural treatments :)

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God's Power and Beauty Essay

498 Words2 Pages

Personal Narrative- God's Power and Beauty

This past summer I was on a mission trip to Mexico with my youth group. This event changed my life in at least two astronomical ways. The first being, how I perceive God’s power and his creation. The second is how I look at daily struggles. Both of these areas in my life were changed to be more inline with how God views them. Both areas before the mission were in a state of complacency.

Before I went to Mexico, God’s awesome power was known in my head, but not in my heart. I would see problems or events that God could easily take care of in one swoop of his hand, but I would not believe that he would actually show his grace and mercy. With having the experience of a mission…show more content…

Being in God’s presence, opened my eyes to the beauty that I daily see, that I use to overlook. When I see a tree, standing firm in the wind, with its branches swaying back and forth, I see God’s beauty and majestic nature. When I look at the sky, clouds, trees, grass, and sun I am awe struck because of the complexity of each and every one. But what really strikes me, is the fact that they all work together in perfect harmony. Even today walking back from class I was enamored by just looking at the perfectly shaded blue sky with the wisps of cloud slowly moving along. Since the mission trip my eyes have been open to the beauty like what I saw today.

As I daily see God’s hand and his beauty in this world, I see how I can get through my daily struggles. Before they were like lead anvils strapped to me, that I was forced to carry around everywhere I went. These were a form of torture that could never be gotten rid of, but on the second day of the trip God touched my heart and in a soft voice said, “Give them to me, and I will take care of you.” At the moment of me giving them up, I went from feeling like a snail, only able to move extremely slow, to feeling as light as a feather. My attitude sky rocketed and I enjoyed being around people. From that experience I have taken the knowledge to daily give my struggles to him, and he has taken care of me as he promised.

The more I reflect on this

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