Feelings And Emotions Worksheet Assignment

  • Whole page with prompts for speaking practice - can be used for either introducing oneself to the whole group or as an interview exercise...
  • A simple worksheet for drillings.
  • This worksheet contains 18 conversation cards and a vocabulary bank with world foods (and some pictures). The cards can be cut out if des...
  • 9 exercises for your students to practice this verb.
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    It's a game to practice the simple present using daily activities as vocabulary. My students liked it so much. It's very simple to play. ...
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Remembering, Feeling, and Thinking WorksheetPart I: Motivation, Emotion, and BehaviorExplain the relationships between motivation, emotion, and behavior. How does emotionaffect motivation? Give an example of a specific behavior and the motivators and emotions that can be behind that behavior. Your response should be at least 300 hundred words.Motivation can be defined as the driving force behind all the actions of an individual. Theinfluence of an individual's needs and desires both have a strong impact on the direction of their behavior. Motivation is based on your emotions and achievement-related goals. When you feel like the world is against you and you would rather stay in bed and wallow,rather than go out there and face the world again; your motivation is not going to be at an all time high. The lack of motivation then causes you to stay in that little world of self pity for as long as you feel down and depressed. Our motivation relies very much upon just how happy we truly are. If you feel lousy about yourself, you will not have much motivation to change things because you will not feel worthy of the change. Drives and needs can produce emotions, too. Consider the example of the person swimming underwater who comes up under a raft. The need for air will produce not only a struggle to reach the edge of the raft, but also intense fear. Extreme hunger or thirst is also likely to result in emotional responses such as grief anger or fear. As these examples indicate there is sometimes no clear-cut separation between motivation and emotion. Generally, though, we can think of motivation as arising from

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