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Argument for Human Cloning Essay

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Introduction Cloning is the process of manipulating DNA and embryonic stem cells to create an identical living organism. The purpose of cloning is to find medical treatments and to reduce human suffering (Rosalyn). Is it wrong? Is it disrespectful toward nature itself? According to Sir John Gordon, cloning is not as playing God it is simply copying “what nature has already produced” (Gordon). This new development established a series of debates because if there are technologies that enable humans to artificially create mammal, sooner or later the same process will be performed on human. This points to the question, should human cloning be banned? (Cloning: An Overview). Even though there are numerous critics who believe human cloning…show more content…

Overtime the fusions between cells occur and form an embryo. This could lead to the transfer of healthy cell in an unborn child who contains diseases due to genetics from the parents. Unfortunately the research was banned. There are a lot of obstacles standing between the researches of human cloning that could possibly save many lives.
Diseases such as Alzheimer and cardiovascular diseases can be cured by the process of cloning. Scientists have discovered a method of creating stem cells (an unspecialized cell that has the ability to become any various differentiated cell) from an embryo. Genetic copies of DNA from a living healthy person are inserted into an egg which divides in the process of cell division or meiosis, and grows into an embryo. If the process is successful, stem cells are then extracted, with the healthy gene placed in the DNA, the cells can divides and produce a healthful system. This whole procedure is for the purpose of improving treatment. However, this action puts fear into a lot of people’s minds of using stem cells for other purposes (Healy). Stem cells can be produced for the desire of new treatments has the potential to fight viruses in the human system and the prosperity will soon outweighed the terror of human cloning.
Therapeutic cloning has the potential use stem cells to cure diseases. Although there are many benefits the process of obtaining stem cells depends upon the massacre of the embryo. Nonetheless the benefits

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Essay about Argument Against Human Cloning

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In 1997, the first clone of a sheep named Dolly was created. This embryo had a success rate of one to four percent. When applied to humans, this percentage may decrease and become lower and more unpredictable. With lives at stake, is it worth the risk of the embryos involved in the unstable process? Although cloning may allow for new medical procedures and research of diseases and cures, it takes away from the natural biological order of life, and allows humans to "play God" while creating a margin of error which could result in many defects. Many ethical and moral dilemmas arise when discussing human cloning, and one can have many positions for and against each. To understand the issues surrounding human cloning, one must have a basic…show more content…

In 1997, President Clinton proposed a moratorium on cloning that would not allow funding by the government. A bill was also presented in the Senate in 2001 that would legally ban cloning regardless of its funding, whether it was federal or private. The repercussions of infringement on this law "would be up to ten years in jail and a fine of up to $10 million" (A). Human cloning proposes many arguments for each opposing side and can greatly impact the modern world based upon the research obtained through it. Whether or not that research is morally and ethically correct is the topic of most discussions in the genetics field. Beginning with the moral argument, one must understand reproductive freedom. Most cloning activists say that reproduction, or the lack there of, is a natural freedom given to people (C). Restricting human cloning would be a violation of that right. Just as people can choose not to reproduce using contraception, abortion, or abstinence, people should be allowed to use all means possible within their ability to reproduce, such as through cloning and in vitro fertilization (C). Cloning is the application of this right specifically (C). Another benefit of cloning is the ability to clone someone who has died to console those who are grieving over their lost loved one or to clone the DNA of a person that was known for his of her greatness. Scientists would be able to recreate these people in a new environment (C). A clone's parent may have come from

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